Scent Descriptions

This is a 'work in progress' list of scent descriptions. The human nose is capable of distinguishing a vast array of scents but how you experience a smell differs from person to person. Scent is also a great way of unlocking memories of times past. There is also the feelings of mental wellness that scent can create: from calming lavender to invigorating grapefruit and cooling fresh mint, how you experience aromas is as unique as you are!

Just a fruit                                                                                                               Black cherry bomb                                              

Blood orange                                                       



Coconut noir                                                         


Japanese grapefruit - aka yuzu, this is a sharp, invigorating scent                                        


Pink grape                                                            





Wild elderberry                                                    

Wild rhubarb                                                         

Mixed fruit                                          

Berry naughty Ethel - a juicy mix of berries!                                      

Black plums & Rhubarb - sweet and tart                                     

Black raspberry & vanilla - although this falls into this category, it’s actually a bath & body scent                                   

Blonde moment – a firm favourite! Champagne poured over raspberries and cranberries.                                                    

Bramble berries   - aka hedgerow berries, this is the scent of raspberries,  blackberries, black and redcurrants combined to give the fruity   scent of early Autumn                                           

Butt naked – a mix of sharp apples, honeydew melon, pears and strawberries                                                        

Calypso – a tropical fruit medley of mandarin, peach and mango. Mouthwatering!                                                                

Cherry berry – cherries & raspberries.                                                         

Dogs on heat – a blend of cherries and oranges with a touch of creamy vanilla.                                                    

Elderflower quince – a rustic fruity mix, the sharpness of quince and the freshness of elderflower with a smidgen of strawberries and raspberries.                                            

Elderberry violet – this is a combination of the tartness from elderberry and blueberry with the sweetness of peach and sugar and a touch of violet.                                               

Fizzing fancy pants    - a combination of tropical fruits with fizz. This packs a fruity, fizzy punch!                                        

Gooseberry guava – an unusual combination but definitely one to try. The sharpness of gooseberries meets the sweetness of sugar and the tropical scents of guava and coconut milk.

Make believe

Mango & lime

Monkey farts – a popular scent of mixed tropical fruits

Orange & Goji berries - a sharp, fresh but sweet orange scent

Party paws – a complex blend of citrus fruits, tropical fruits and orchard fruits. Very zingy!

Pear quince – this crosses over the scent categories as it is fruity, fresh and sweet.

Rhubarb & melon

Sweet puppy kisses – blueberry, citrus, red berries and a teeny, weeny bit of bubblegum.

Taste the rainbow – a blend of green fruits

Vanilla coconut

Violet lime – the sharpness of lime combines with the sweet floral violet scent.

Foody & minty

Black ice – a coconut blend with a dollop of aniseed and liquorice.

Blackberry jam - sweet and sticky

Cherry syrup – a super sweet cherry scent

Coconut ice – the scent of the funfair!

Cucumber mint - a fresh 'wake me up' scent

Fresh mint – this is similar to a well-known US candle. Possibly the best mint scent EVER (imo anyway)!

Ginger biscuits

Grape Jam


Lemon curd

Lemon mint – a stunning combination fresh mint and sweet lemon

Lemony fluff stuff – gooey marshmallow and lemon

Ooh-la-la vanilla – this is the scent of French vanilla, just like French custard!

Orange sorbet – a sharp yet refreshing scent of iced oranges.

Peppermint fluff – super sweet peppermint and marshmallow.

Peppermint fluff stuff – peppermint meringue.

Raspberry mint – raspberries and peppermint combine for a sweet but refreshing scent.

Raspberry ripple – just like the ice-cream, yum!

Raw sugar & mint – this is a really sweet mint fragrance, puts me in mind of kendall mint cake!                                             

Serendipity – this is a mix of vanilla, sugar, cherries, citrus and a bit of coconut.


Strawberry jam

Strawberry syrup – reminds me of strawberries laces!

Vanilla & tonka – one of my personal favourites, this is a comforting sweet aroma that needs to be tried!


Bahama breeze -

Blue Hawaiian

Café latte

Cappuccino deluxe

Cherry slush

Cosmos cocktail

Crème de menthe

Fizzy vimjuice

Gin & tonic


Hot chocolate

Melon margarita

Mt dew

Peach margarita

Purple puppy puddles

Raspberry Daiduiri

Raspberry Prosecco

Raspberry slush

Tropical crush

Vimjuice squash



Black cherry wine

Caramel vanilla custard

Celtic spice

Cinnamon bark & ginger

Crack the nuts


Golden spice

Iced cinnamon

Jack’s frosty balls

Jingle balls


Mulled wine

Myrrh & tonka

Old spice

Salted caramel & Pistachio

Snow-kissed cherries

Sparkling limoncello

Sugared pecans


Vanilla bean noel

Vanilla rumballs

White xmas

Xmas apple candy


Absinthe & Black

Apple, Jack & peel

Candy corn

Children’s medicine

Chilly plums

Haunted Halloween


Spiced apple butter

Spiced blackberry jam


Sweet shop

Blackcurrant liquorice

Blackberry parma violets

Buttermint candy

Candy land

Cola cubes

Drumstix lollipops

Fruit salad

Grape bubblegum

Jelly beans

Juicy fruit

Lemon sherbet

Lime sherbet


Love hearts

Moo chew

Orange sherbet

Parma violets

Pear drops

Pooping candy

Rainbow sherbet

Rock candy


Slam bar

Sparkling Unicorn

Spearmint chew


Sugary paws

Super candy floss

Sweet dip

Sweet tooth

Tutti fruity

Twinkle toes

Well, Hello Dolly!

Perfume & aftershave

Adventurous man


Barber shop

Beautiful world

Black kiss

Blue Sugar type

Fkn fab

Gold sugar type



Love spell


Pink sugar type

Tasty gym shoes

Vanilla musk


Spa & relaxing

Black cocoa

Cocoa sandalwood

Coconut milk & lavender

Covent garden spa

Honey lavender


Lavender bush

Lavender & chamomile

Lavender marshmallow

Lavender martini

Lavender rocks

Let them eat dog food

Puppy play pen

Sea Salt & Almond milk

Sea shells

Stress relief


Vanilla Lavender

Vanilla sea salt

Lushious range

Aggie’s delight

American dream cream

Bath Ass

Breath of dog

Devil dog

Dirty dog



Fluffy Pink candy

Flying focks

Honey bunny

Honey I washed the dog

Ice blue


Love dust

Main street


Sea dogs

Sleepy type

Slumber land

Snow cakes

Snow fairy


Tricky dicky

Twilight showers


Violet weimeraner

Whip cracker

Yummy gummy


Madagascan Vanilla Orchid

Mint & Jasmine


Neroli sorbet

Ruby rose

Sweet little puppy kisses

Tiare flowers

Vanilla bloom

Vanilla orchid

Vanilla pearl necklace

Vanilla peony


Woody & earthy

Aloe vera

Autumn snug

Dangling Janglies

Day dreamer

Dippy dog

Dog walk in summer


Freshly cut grass

Garden mint

Masquerade ball

Menthol eucalyptus

Midnight amber

Olbas oil

Persian sunset

Spring dew

Spiced saffron

Wet garden

Winter dog walk

Clean, fresh & laundry

Black raspberry & vanilla

Cheeky rumour

Clean breeze

Coconut bliss

Coconut waterfall


Dog walk along the shore


Emerald & Ivory

Feb. Pink vanilla

Fresh Linen


Heavenly rain

Hotel for Dogs

Linen deluxe

Rainforest sugarcane


Seaside cotton

Sea spray

Sleepytime pup

Soap & Glory